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Travel Tips


Consider using bag packers to keep clothes separate - dirty from clean, occasion wear from casual wear etc. Try rolling clothes instead of folding which can save a little space and lessen the need for ironing at your destination.


Using shoe bags will ensure that any dust / dirt travelling on your shoes doesn’t end up on your clothes.


Decanting your full sized toiletries into travel sized bottles will help reduce weight and taken up less space in your luggage. Our Design Go models come with a handy bag to zip them into to contain any spillages.

Electronic equipment

Double check that all electronic equipment is well protected in padded sleeves and carried in your hand luggage. Remember all the leads and essential adaptors for plugging into at your destination. Don’t forget all your charging leads!!!

First Aid

Mosquito repellent, After bite, Sun cream, After sun, Plasters, Paracetamol – will make your trip more comfortable if the uncomfortable happens.

On the plane

The air conditioning on planes can be chilly so pack a jumper and socks for the journey. Keep the kids amused with some books or colouring. A snoozer, ear-plugs and eye mask can help you get some shut-eye on long haul flights. Sweets to suck or chewing gum to chew can help with blocked ears. If you are travelling with a baby, try breast feeding or giving a bottle of milk on the descent.

Flight support socks aid blood circulation in the lower leg thereby reducing the risk of DVT and other symptoms that occasionally occur on long haul flights such as swollen ankles and tired aching legs.

On arrival

Identify your case quickly and easily with tags or identification straps. Write your name and address on a tag so that any lost luggage can be reunited quickly.


Remember to lock your case with an approved luggage padlock. A TSA approved padlock is the only padlock approved for travel to the USA.


Weigh your luggage before you leave with appropriate luggage scales. Some lightweight scales are small enough to take with you for the return journey.  Airlines will only take cabin luggage and checked in luggage up to a certain weight. For an approximate weight guide use our airline checker, but always double check with your airline as restrictions can change.